Sunday, November 4, 2007


Well its over. I think deep down we all knew that the team wasn't going to go undefeated all the way, and logically speaking this was probably the best game for us to lose and still have big season ending hopes (Read: BCS). That being said we are all still in a bit of shock that this was how it happened. Matt Ryan, the heart and soul of this team made some very costly mistakes that sent our team out of the National Title Race. You can't blame the guy, since he is also the guy that single-handedly put us there. I think that the team as a whole wasn't ready for the speed that FSU threw at us, and I think our defense didn't expect Drew Weatherford to have his single greatest performance in his 8 year long college career (seriously, hasn't he been starting since the mid-90s?). Anyways it doesn't matter what I think, but the result is what it is, and we now need to regroup, and deal with the repercussions of our actions and start anew and win out for an Orange Bowl Bid.

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