Friday, November 16, 2007

Three Games To Watch Outside of Clemson

Yes. I got mine last night, but I don't think I was wrong. With Dixon out there, the Ducks were playing just fine. It was once they brought it SOMEONE RELATED TO RYAN LEAF that the wheels fell off. Right before that last drive (which stalled because of A) a late throw that gave the secondary time to cover and B) UofA's phenomenal line play) Leaf was 5/12 for about 50 yards and a pick for six the other way. The Ducks still only lost by 10. I stand by my belief that, with Dixon, they were the best team in the country. Now? I have no clue.

Who's excited about a Kansas-West Virginia title game (because that is just as likely as anything at this point).

Rant over, here's three games to watch.
Kentucky at Georgia: 12:30 p.m., Gameplan. Georgia needs this win badly if they want to have a chance for the SEC East bid. That loss to Tennessee in the beginning of October is really making them play harder right now than they should need to. You have to believe that Tennessee will beat Vanderbilt this week, which would put the two teams in a hypothetical tie if the Dawgs win. Hypothetical because (a) the tiebreaker goes to the Vols and (b) the Vols travel to Lexington Thanksgiving weekend. So, to summarize: Kentucky still matters. They can take the mystery out of the team that everyone will pick to lose to LSU and I'll pick to upset (just to be obnoxious).

Missouri at Kansas State 12:30 So, here's the thing, with Dixon going down, the Heisman is going to be McFadden (3 losses), Tebow (3 losses) or, well, who? How about Chase Daniel? Why NOT Chase Daniel? Consider this: He has at least one game-of-the-century next week in Kansas City, then a potential championship showdown with the Sooners, then the National Championship. He has as good of a path as anyone to strengthen his resume on the way to the voting and lead his team to great things. His numbers aren't too shabby either. 3300 yards, 26 touches and 9 picks. You'd take that for your team any day.

West Virginia at Cincinnati 7:45 p.m., ESPN Cheer for the Bearcats like you've never cheered before. The worst thing that I think can happen this season is the existence of the Big East in the national championship game because, frankly, they have done nothing to deserve it. Good teams beating mediocre teams is nothing better than great teams beating each other up. I'd put a one-loss Ohio State or Arizona State in ahead of the Mountaineers if LSU stumbles. No one in the Big East has been able to load the defensive box with a front seven as strong as USF's because, well, they just don't have the talent. There are plenty of other teams who have the athletes to force WVU to go vertical where they will be beaten.

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