Saturday, November 10, 2007

Three Games to Watch Outside of College Park

So it seems that DL1 has not posted his three games to watch, so I thought I'd contribute a little recomendation actions.

There is a TON going on this weekend, even though most big teams are looking ahead to games next weekend (OSU/Michigan, USC/A.State, BC/Clemson) this weekend could be overlooked and there are some sleeper games that I think will provide hours of entertainment:

#4 Kansas at Oklahoma State (ABC 8pm): Mike Gundy is 40, he's a MAN. I know none of you will forget his tirade from earlier this year, but Kansas better not forget it either. Although undefeated Kansas has a better resume than the outsider Hawaii, their schedule has not been anything of a challenge. That being said, they have played their schedule and won, and you have to give them props for that, but they should look out for Mike Gundy's Cowboy offense.

Wake Forrest at #20 Clemson (ESPN2 12pm): A game with the balance in the ACC riding on it. Clemson's schitzo playing this year could turn the right way at the right time and turn it on for the last three games of the season and walk away with our ACC Title. That being said, this Wake team is much stronger than when we beat them earlier this year. This could be a very close game in Death Valley.

Illinois at #1 Ohio State (ABC 3:30pm): OSU could be caught looking past this game, and The Zookinator has a sleeper team on his hands. This could be the game that Juice Williams realizes his potential and takes down the mighty and understated Buckeye Defense. Or it could just be a stomping. Check it out.

As a little aside, almost some of the H&L team as well as the remainder of our "idiot brigade" are all in College Park at the game, so you may not hear from any of them until tomorrow or Monday. GO EAGLES.

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