Friday, November 30, 2007

Three Games to Watch Outside of Jacksonville

Championship Edition

#7 LSU vs #14 Tennessee 4:00 p.m., CBS. SEC Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Story this week that is not being mentioned nearly enough: LSU's defense. I'll leave my Les Miles jokes out of a post for once (even though I said it frickin' WEEKS ago that he'd be gone). Look past the Overtimes and you'll see that LSU has given up more points than their "Rock Solid Defense" will admit to. If you really need the drive from last weekend's game when Darren McFadden decided he was going to take control and run the show. Why were they still playing zone coverage with the backers when its obvious that the only passes will be misdirection plays and simple man would do from the secondary?

Ainge is not McFadden, in any capacity, way, shape or form. But the Tigers did let Alabama stay in the game far too long in last month's game of Nick Saban's century. I don't think an LSU is even close to inevitable, and I am contemplating picking the upset in this one. Either way, its a shoot out and a race for 35 points.

#1 Missouri vs. #9 Oklahoma 8:00 p.m., ABC Big 12 Championship, San Antonio, Texas Story this week that isn't being mentioned enough: Oklahoma's offense. Everyone keeps playing the revenge card (see, Championship, ACC VT vs. BC) but is missing that Oklahoma has been able to respond incredibly well on offense this year behind Sam Bradford (Who? Exactly). Don't look now: he's only one TD behind Chase Daniel and has two less interceptions. The only difference is the yardage gap between the two Qubes, something that the Sooners have made up with a dual-back running game. When the high-powered Tiger offense went to Norman, Boomer Sooner outshot them 41-31. How is this being missed?

This isn't even an upset call (OK is favored over Missou, don't forget). Oklahoma goes back to the Fiesta Bowl. And if they get a WAC team again, you better believe they'll be paying attention.

#12 Hawaii at Washington 11:30 p.m., ESPN2. Hawaii's BCS Playoff. Fine, here it is. Here's your moment. Colt Brennan is already a final-five for the trophy. The Warriors beat last year's BCS darling. I mean, no one will be watching because of my favorite rule (on ESPN2 and after 10 p.m.). But, you know, here's your chance to get the spotlight.

Why is Hawaii not Boise State from last year? Where's the running game and the clever coaching and the grizzled pack of seniors who dragged the program up from nothing. Will I be upset if they make the BCS? No. Accomplishments deserve rewards. But, as a Pac-10 lover and a homer, I hope they lose to Ty and the gang. Because I don't think they are nearly as good as last year's Boise State team and the amount of times we'll see that clip of the Statue of Liberty and "Is it their turn?" just won't do it for me come New Year's Day.

I haven't decided how I'll be doing some bowl predictions. Probably preview a few of each week's bowl games. Thanks for sticking through the gimmicks.

And, for my homer side, I am incredibly frustrated by the inevitable conclusion that BC has no chance this weekend. Everyone seems to forget a rainy night in Blacksburg. Sure, BC did slump a little after that, but you don't think the lack-of-respect (AGAIN) thing is not going to give them motivation? GO EAGLES.

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  1. We do remember that rainy night in Blacksburg and are delighted to have seen you again in Jacksonville. I guess they won't be showing those "Heisman Moment" replays anymore.