Thursday, November 15, 2007

We now return to our regularly scheduled program

I want to make a quick apology to all the pollers and "sponsors" of the BCRC/Bleachers Poll. Tragically, due to a massive workload, I was not able to crunch numbers this week and aggregate the Poll. So, I'm going to throw myself in front of the train and let you all pick apart my own Top Ten.

1. Oregon
2. Kansas
3. LSU
4. Oklahoma
5. West Virginia
6. Missou
7. Ohio State
8. Arizona State
9. Georgia
10 Hawaii

Why Oregon? By knocking off USC a few weeks ago, Oregon finally ended the Trojan Dynasty. By beating the Sun Devils handily in Eugene, Dennis Dixon likely sewed up the Heisman and the Pac-10 crowd. The loss against Cal is looking more flukey every week and the Duck defense has responded to the way the Bears went over, around and through them. I think, you put any team on the field, neutral location, the Ducks should be favored. What else should it take to be number one?

Kansas over LSU I like playing this game to describe Les Miles's idiocy against Auburn. A frickin' FLY lands on the football and LSU is a two loss team. So, maybe Kansas hasn't played outside the state of Kansas, and if it was Ohio State, I'd be knocking them. But they are passing the tests as they come. But did you see the way the offense responded against Nebraska? Oklahoma State? This team could gun sling with anyone. I think that a Kansas-Oregon game would be just as competitive as a LSU-Oregon game. My verdict of the 'hawks over the Tigers is based on the impressive way that Kansas has not backed down. Plus, there is a little anti-SEC bias in my head, because I think that "they beat each other up" is not a justification for so many of them to be ranked.

Conference Strength Look, I have three Big 12 teams in the top ten and two SEC teams. I am really tempted to drop West Virginia, but, for some reason, I can't do it. The Big East has really shown their true colors this year, and I'm glad that everyone is finally not buying Tranghese's Kool-Aid. The ACC is definitely in waiting. VTech will continue to be good. Florida State and Miami will bounce back. Those three are locked in to be top 15 within the next few years, consistently.

What about BC? I don't know. I was sure three weeks ago that Jags was building this program past the hump and into the elite, but now I'm sitting watching his recruiting and wondering if we are going to get the defensive athletes we need to have a solid D. The injuries don't help, right now, but that can't explain 42 points to Maryland. Here's my BCS conference rankings:

1. Pac 10
2. SEC
3. Big 12
4. ACC
5. Big Ten
6. Big East

And I would put the Big East lower if I could. I'll actually get three games to watch up tomorrow, I promise.

Editor's Note: BC in fact DOES control its own destiny. Tied with Clemson for the Atlantic lead with a two game lead, a win this weekend and the Eagles gain the tie breaker over Clemson and Wake and will be locked into Jacksonville.

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  1. I agree with your conference rankings. After years of mediocrity (other than USC) the Pac 10 seems to be reemerging into the college football landscape.