Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Herbie Awards

As usual, Ohio State homer and all around pretty boy, Kirk Herbstreit put out his "Herbie Awards" today. While I find most of them lack luster, I did find it interesting that he mentioned BC's own Kevin Rogers in the "Instant Impact" category for coordinators that will make an instant impact on their teams:

1. Bryan Harsin, Texas
2. Greg Mattison, Michigan
3. Charlie Weis, Florida
4. Kevin Rogers, Boston College
5. Frank Cignetti, Rutgers

This goes to the point I made earlier today that the biggest single factor in our success this season is Kevin Rogers and how he coaches up Chase Rettig and our absolutely flat offense from last season.

What also interests me about this is that Charlie Weis is also mentioned here, and I truly believe that the two will have similar fates, as goes their updated offenses, so goes the entire team (and in our case, I believe our head coach, if it fails).

Additionally, Herbie gives a bit of a nod (or maybe a backhanded compliment) to Kuechly.  Calling him "Best Kept Secret".  Not sure what rock Herbie has been living under, but ACC PPOY, ACC Defensive player of the year, NCAA Tackles leader two seasons running, not quite a secret, but glad to see more nods in Clark Kent's direction.

In other Keuch news, earlier today I was listening to Adam Aizer on the CBS College Football Podcast discuss his Heisman candidates, and Keuch was mentioned as a dark dark horse for the award.  I don't think this is truly viable because of the lack of respect given to defensive players in this award, as well as the near necessity to be on the award radar pre-season in order to have a chance at winning in the end, but love the high praise from one of my favorite CFB podcasts.

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