Monday, August 29, 2011

It's the Uniform that makes the man.

So one of the "big" topics in the near preseason that I have seen many of the blogs discussing is the uniforms.  Of course everyone knows that we became a featured program for NCAA Football for Under Armor a few years back, and we have had some significant detail changes since then.  This year seems to be the year of the faux "stained glass" uni details (also featured on the hoops unis and the hockey unis).  While I love the idea of being a "testing ground" for UA, I really wish we could have two goals in mind: tradition and identity.  We have a strong traditional uniform identity, not to the extent of teams like Notre Dame or Alabama, but still a strong tradition.  The sold gold helmets with a single stripe has been used since sometime in the 90s (couldn't peg an exact year) and before that it was just solid gold (see Flutie era).

Flutie Era
Now we are looking at adding another stripe to the helmet in the form of the "stained glass" in the middle of two maroon stripes (see 2011 new):

2011 New.
In my personal opinion we reached the epitome of classic traditional identity for BC around 2002, seen here during on of my favorite BC Uniform moments, taking down the "throwback" green jerseys of Notre Dame in 2002 (see Arnaz Battle getting taken down):

BOOM Green Jersey Fail.
This all being said, what do you guys think is the "sweet spot" for the uniforms, or should we just sell out and go "Oregon" and get the gaudiest unis possible.

As a side note, one of my FAVORITE uniform details has been left out completely from everything BC for many years, but I can still hope to someday get it back...  THE ANGRY EAGLE!


  1. You and that effin' angry chicken.

  2. The chicken head is awful and losing it is a MAJOR uniform upgrade.

  3. Whatever you guys wanna say, but I LOVE the angry chicken!