Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NCAA Approved Battle-axe

I am sorry, I know that our friends at BCI already covered this a bit, but I can't help but post my favorite quote from BRING YOUR CHAMPIONS, THEYRE OUR MEAT, an excitedly titled Northwestern Blog's post today:
More worrying is the possibility of linebacker Luke Kuechly getting to Persa (if he plays) and sacking him hard enough to cause a minor disruption to the Earth's rotation that wreak meteorological havoc across the surface of the entire planet. This is because Luke Kuechly is 37 feet tall, carries an NCAA-approved battle-axe, is mostly made of malevolence, and trains in the off-season by supping upon the bones of the impertinent who dare disturb him in his lair. -BYCTOM
They followed this up with this gem of a photoshop.

The scariest part is that its all true.

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