Sunday, September 18, 2011


By now everyone should know that the ACC had accepted Pittsburg and Syracuse, our old Big East rivals, to join our ranks and make the ACC the first super conference. I didn't think Swofford had it in him to make the first move, but boy am I glad. At one point, the prognosis seemed to be that the ACC might have gotten picked over and sold for parts, a scenario that would have put BC on the outside looking in, in most scenarios. Now it looks like two schools that fit the ACC mold and are competitive but not dominant in both Basketball and Football will be joining our ranks. So the question begs, where to next?

I think it's almost impossible to see a scenario that we stop at 14 so then we have to decide, two more east coast BBall schools or two big 12 teams? I think the Texas move seems right, since we are the only conference that will allow their TV contract to stand. Who else? Maybe Kansas as their Basketball would appeal to ACC's BBall roots. Academically we could try and snake Vandy and leave a 12 team SEC which actually isn't that difficult to imagine as they fit the ACC Lightyears more than they fit the SEC. Maybe we go back to the Big East and get WVU when the dust settles, but I think we are done with Big East raiding. What do you think?

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