Thursday, September 8, 2011

BC Football and Pessimism: Has it Been a Good Run or is There Something Left?

It's been, what, five days since BC lost a game by going against everything in the past few years that's kept the football team competitive...and there is definitely a tremor in the force among BC faithful by way of it. Stay away from the message boards unless you want to see pessimism at its finest - believe me, even pre-season the term "Henningesque" was being thrown around (never a good thing). Stay away from Twitter unless you are looking for others with whom to discuss Firing Spaz. While this is the vocal set, it does begin to feel that the question of doom is floating over the program, "Is this the year where BC's decade of football relevance ends?"

I bring this up now because September is the bright spot on the Eagles' tough ACC slate this year - and a loss in Orlando this Saturday means that the Eagles are at best looking at 3-2 heading into three straight away games in Clemson, Blacksburg and College Park. The bowl streak is important to the diehards, and losing that this year would certainly hurt, especially because it will take an act of God to get GDF to swallow his pride and part ways with Spaz over performance.

Not everyone is driving the car off the cliff. ATL Eagle positively discussed how BC has a relative track record bouncing back from opening season losses (most recently, coming off a similarly poorly-managed and uncharacteristic home opener against Wake Forest in 2003). Going into Happy Valley - and this is not meant as a slight to UCF fans - is a slightly more daunting task than Orlando at night in September. A win Saturday may not be enough for everyone, but at least the good vibes could get turn again to get to 4-1 going down to visit the Tigers in October. 

So what say you - has the train already left the station or is there something left in the BC football program?

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