Wednesday, September 14, 2011


With the rumors and logic actually starting to fall into order, this whole Texas to the ACC thing isn't that crazy. It's really not. We wan't it to happen and we're not above groveling, so let's look at the why this makes sense:

Here's the short version of Chip Brown's Rivals piece:

Let's face it, the Big XII is screwed. It really is. Texas really has no need to hang around that car fire any longer, otherwise it'll be them and directional Texas schools (aka, Baylor). Texas won't make the first move - the Sooners, though, sure as hell will. Oklahoma goes west, along with Oklahoma State and the Pac-[number of teams] will find a way to complete itself.

This leaves Texas in the following situation: a giant among Kansas, Texas Tech, Mizzou, Baylor, Iowa State and Kansas State. Mizzou isn't likely to hang around, and it still would be logical to see them go SEC. Texas has a short list of what it wants:

-Comparable campuses, academics, markets and history
-Some sort of modified revenue sharing so they make as much (or more) than they currently make

The SEC probably won't work due to the fact that Texas' counterparts in the division everywhere but football would be Vanderbilt and that's it - not to mention the addition of aTm is a small overkill of Texas Forever. So the options are B1G, Pac-12 and ACC. 

The BigTen has invested a ton into the BigTen Network, and similarly, the Pac-12 is headed that way for results. Neither would let Texas keep the Longhorn Network, so they would lose money in a deal because they would force them to share revenue evenly without the added local network.

But The ACC would let them keep Longhorn Network, so, even though there is the same revnue sharing, they can make up the difference and still pull in as much cash.

If this happens, the ACC immediately gets a jolt of excitement and football - along with creating an additional level of basketball. Texas is likely to bring Kansas to keep teams even until the ACC figures out 15 and 16 (Syracuse finally gets its ticket and probably Rutgers or Pitt). BC gets a chance to revenge that 47-inning game with Texas a few years back in the College World Series, and field trips to Austin become semi-regular.

Please make this happen.

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