Sunday, September 4, 2011

Instant Reaction, Northwestern: The Lows

Well, not sure how much I can say here without blowing a few gaskets, but I have no problem being "the lows" guy today.   Without Persa, Northwestern became a cupcake game for us, the Vegas lines went through the roof when the announcement was solidified, and the untested NU QB Colter was going to have a challenge with BC's defense which averaged 300 yards against last year....  Oh wait, Tom O'Spaziani is coaching BC, and we ALWAYS give our opponents the courtesy of playing down to them at any given time.  There is absolutely no reason we should run away with any game, ever.  The game was an epic fail for BC Eagles.  I will do an in-depth lows post later today, but as of now, I am starting to break out the #firespaz tag regularly.

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