Thursday, September 22, 2011


There have been a few questionable coaching decisions by Spaz and staff throughout the summer scrimmages and first few games. Many have been play-calling related, especially on offense, where clock management has definitely been atop that list. Not as many have been personnel related, save for some late practice dismissals in the secondary. These are painful to watch on their own...

...but if Montel Harris sees the field this weekend against UMass at anything less than 110%, it will be the biggest coaching error that Spaz makes.

The preseason ACC offensive player of the year has been sidelined since before the first game with a partial meniscus tear, the same injury that kept him out toward the end of last season. There is enough reason to believe that rushing Harris back for the bowl game in January may have had an impact on his recovery.

Montel came into this season with high expectations, likely to become the all-time ACC back in terms of yards. If he is going to play this season, he deserves a legitimate shot at that milestone. Right now, it doesn't seem likely.

Spaz hasn't been great at handling red shirts. Would Chase Rettig have been well served to play against Weber State and Kent State? Absolutely, he was a raw freshmen who could use all the field time he could find if he was really going to be the starter.

Montel is not Chase. He is a senior leader, an experienced back and a potential game changer. He still has some outside hope of an NFL future. Any potential for a new injury would hurt the latter, and if we really need to put that on the line for UMass in what is already appearing to be a lost season...yikes.

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