Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Welles Crowther, Mark Herzlich and Why We Love BC

Gamedays come and go, but there's something bigger than football when it comes to BC that is always worth remembering.

We can look to the schools that win championships, cheat, have problems, let kids play after run ins with the law, giant TV contracts, make more money than they know what to do with, get national coverage for little that matters and everything else that goes with college sports.

But I would never trade BC for anything in the world.

Welles Crowther and Mark Herzlich are amazing stories that we get to tell about BC athletes - one was a hero, the other showed that cancer is something to be beaten, not fear. Days like today make me insanely proud that I shared the halls with people like that.

BC attracts character. BC builds character. And it is something that is in guys who's stories are known all the way down to the thousands of kids that walk out of there every year.

There is something more about what it means to be from BC.

There are lots of rankings that people talk about. Polls, reports, etc. Those don't matter when you get to associate with people like this. It's not something tangible, not something that can be ranked. When we say "We Are BC" - we mean it like this.

Never forget, and always, ever to excel.

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