Monday, September 12, 2011


Other titles could have been, "TAKE THE UNDER," but when it comes to the fact that BC opened -7 against fellow ACC cellar dweller Duke, that means someone, somewhere, thinks BC will score almost double digits this weekend. Get excited.

How things have changed since the last time Duke came to Chestnut Hill in 2006. It was a rainy November morning, and Matt Ryan had played well in his first full season with the starting job. BC was 22nd in the country, and after beating up on Duke on the cool fall morning, BC still would have a shot at making the season count for big things. There would only be a home date with Maryland and the infamous "We're winning, aren't we?" game in Miami on Thanksgiving in that season - BC still had a chance to make the ACCCG if Wake stumbled.

Ah, to think that those were the problems we used to deal with.

Lots to come this week in the preview up to the Pillow Fight with Duke, but for now, let's just reflect on where this program was five years ago. Now ask yourself how we got here. Wait, that didn't make me feel better.

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