Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Bandannas and Straight Class out of UCF

We could keep dwelling on what happened last Saturday - and trust me Doug has the easier job writing up the Lows reaction and analysis as to what went wrong. Instead of trying to spin something positive out of it, I'm going to focus on something that actually is positive and happening this upcoming weekend.

Last Sunday morning, ESPN's Outside the Lines showed a feature on Welles Crowther, a BC grad and former student-athlete who lost his life ten years ago on 9/11. Crowther's story had been known by a few, but it got a much deserved spotlight as he sacrificed his life to help many many others get out of the Towers after the attack (you can watch that feature here - bring tissues).

He was the "Man in the Red Bandanna," covering his mouth with a bandanna he always carried with him that had once been given to him by his father. The story of Welles is inspiring, and it touched at least a few people in Orlando, too. When the 2011 BC football squad heads down to play UCF this Saturday, at least one group of fans will be donning Red Bandannas in a sign of support, solidarity and rememberance.

More from the Orlando Sentinel and be sure to click that you'll attend on the Facebook event to drive some awareness among your network.

(Unsolicited but relevant PSA: BC alums have organized a Welles Crowther 5k called the ""Red Bandanna Run" for the last seven years. This year's event is coming up on October 15 and loops around the Chestnut Hill Campus, and absolutely worthy way to spend a Saturday fall morning on a bye week, if you ask me.)

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