Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Games to Watch Outside of Chestnut Hill

Touchdown, by Flickr user CSS01

An old favorite makes its return to the blog: the three games post. DL will be at the game, but if you're like Doug and watching the game from your couch, here are a few other games going on the rest of the day to keep you from accomplishing anything else at all.

Also, we use AP rankings around here until the BCS rankings debut in October, for your reference point. All times ET, because that's where we live.

#3 Oregon vs. #4 LSU (8pm, ABC) - Biggest game of the week, at least if you go by the Gameday presence. Oregon still is the team to beat in the Pac-[Number of Teams] and LSU wants to see if the Hat can take them back to the promised land. Hoping for lots of odd play calling, scrambling and points - this one should be absolutely entertaining.

#5 Boise State vs. #19 Georgia (8pm, ESPN - picture-in-picture) - When it comes to personal vendettas, I've picked on Boise State a lot over the last few years. That tradition continues as I eagerly, with schaedenfreude thoughts, tune in to the Chicken Sandwich game down in Atlanta on Saturday night. Like every year, Boise does a solid job at least adding one or two non-conference games that are blockbusters, to compensate for the sisters of the poor conference slate. The high rankings are just as often about the likelihood that Boise will go undefeated, and this is the test this year to see if that will continue. I never miss a chance to watch Boise blow it.

Miami at Maryland (Monday night, 8pm, ESPN) - The ACC/Labor Day tradition continues with a match-up of what's left of the Hurricanes and the new-look (literally) Terps under Randy Edsall. With both opponents on the slate and Mayland's attempt at a color-wheel look for Byrd Stadium, BC fans should tune in to see how the Eagles may match up.

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