Thursday, September 29, 2011


We haven't been giving the BC sports love because of work and baseball. It happens. Anyway, as we prep for Wake Forest on Saturday and get back to thinking about the gridiron, here are a few other games to keep your eye on throughout the day.

Western Michigan vs. Connecticut (3:30 pm, ESPN3) - HAHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING. A weak afternoon slate means we're picking between Auburn/South Carolina, Baylor/KState or GT/UNC. I think the ACC matchup is the primary location, but lots of channel flipping slash maybe gutter cleaning in the early slot.

#13 Clemson vs #11 Virginia Tech (6 pm, ESPN2) - Our next two opponents are lining up against each other with quite a bit more on the line - potentially even a preview of the ACC Championship if both can stay the course in their respective conference schedules. I'm not buying Clemson quite yet (I doubted Florida State was real a top five team all offseason), and while they're stronger than expected, I think it's a little misleading. Have to watch to find out if I'm right.

#8 Nebraska vs #7 Wisconsin (8 pm, ESPN) - The Badgers became the unofficial second team of H&L this year with the way they started out the season slash how Russell Wilson is sticking it to TOB's decision to let him go. It didn't take Nebraska to be relevant in the Big Ten, and it's nice to have a game this big happen in that conference and it not involving Ohio State/Michigan. Big Lines vs. Bigger Lines. Can't wait.


  1. I think you mean future Big MAC league game Western Michigan vs. Connecticut. UConn looks to take the early lead in the Big MAC Northeast pod over Buffalo, UMass and Temple.

  2. Last weekend we were treated to TWO future MAC league games ...

    Rutgers vs. Ohio
    Connecticut vs. Buffalo