Thursday, September 8, 2011

Travel Team?

I thought today would be a good day to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart as an Eagle AWAY from Boston.

The Problem
BC has had a (well deserved?) reputation for some time as a team that  "doesn't travel well".  This can be evidenced by our 2007 and 2008 ACC Championship Game turnout.  In the 2007 game, (remember: MATT RYAN SENIOR SEASON) "fewer than 5,000 Boston College fans were present at the game."  I personally was at 2008 and it was sad.  Ray-Jay stadium was completely desolate, I have seen more fans at high school football games in Florida than the ACC's top teams battling it out in a pirate themed stadium that serves great cocktails at their bars, shoots cannons when touchdowns are made, and has really great tailgating opportunities.
The Effect
The main effect of this problem is simple, no one wants to have us at their bowl games/major neutral site game because we can't fill the seats.  We have missed out on so many chances at better bowl games during our tenure in the ACC, including dropping from playing in the ACC Champ Game (ACC 1/2) to playing at the Music City Bowl (ACC #5).  This also has an effect on our attendance at away games and getting major neutral site games.

The Cause?
Now we get into speculation.  Why does BC's Alumni base not travel?  We generate much better turnout in terms of TV audiences, and we have Alumni around the country far more than teams like Florida or Oregon, yet we draw such poor crowds even in places like Florida where we have a sizable alumni base.  Yet we FAIL miserably at the attendance numbers game on the road.  My thoughts?  I think we travel poorly in part because college football just isn't as important for North-easterners, but that is the crutch excuse that our administration uses to downplay our program.  I think the BIG reason for this problem is that we have not had a dynamic coaching program and an exciting play-style since... I dunno...  1984 vs Miami the day after Thanksgiving?

The Solution
I don't know this answer, but I suspect that if BC decided to commit itself to building up a dynamic program with exciting play instead of the "slow and steady" mentality that has prevailed over the last few years, you might see our fanbase excited and fired up again.  My suggestion?  #HireMikeLeach.  That or allow drinking in the stands.

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