Friday, September 9, 2011

UCF Preview

So after last week, I barely even want to write this, but DL asked me (the glass half empty guy) to write the preview this week since I am heading up to Orlando to watch the game (leaving in about 30 minutes, write fast!!!!).

What to expect (BC Offense vs UCF Defense)
BC is famed for our Offensive Line, and the big guys up front got man handled last week against Northwestern.  Given that NU was a AQ Conference opponent, in theory this should be a better match up this week, but UCF has a deep recruiting base of FAST players, the could easily give our bruisers trouble.  BC also had significant issues getting the ball into the End-zone when playing from the Red.  This combined with two missed field goals left our offense limp and lifeless, hopefully this can be improved.

What to expect (BC Defense vs UCF Offense)
The same recruiting base that gives them speed on defense loads their bench with running backs that can beat out most of our front 7.  BC needs to show that it can stop the run while not leaving gaping holes for the pass game.  Kuechly needs to show up and be as dominating as he always is.

Story-lines of the game
In game storyline of course is how much injury is plaguing BC right now, with our most productive running back and receivers injured, this will put a cloud over this game no matter what the outcome.

Outside the game is the far more interesting storyline, that of the "Man in the Red Bandana" and UCF's classy support of BC Alum Welles Crowther (see DL's post)

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