Thursday, September 15, 2011


DL has been taking the brunt of the posting workload lately, given that I am across the country in San Diego (it means Whale's Vagina), but I wanted to chime in about the tumult that is our program at the moment.

The firing leave of absence of Kevin Rogers gives pause to all of BC fandom given that he was brought in to replace Rip van Tranquil who's offense was about as exciting as watching grass grow.  Most analysts (including Kirk Herbstreit) felt that his hiring would be the change that BC needed to get back in the game, that he would bring an exciting style of offense that could upgrade our flaccid scoring from 2010.  (I want to note that I did not see it so favorably).

Now with his offense doing absolutely nothing for two weeks (even though Tranquil was given 2 years of failures before "retiring") he is gone. So we bring in Brock to head up the offense and move a grad assistant up to TE coach. Why not move up Ryan Day ("The next great BC coach?") and give him a chance to make a difference? IMHO, its because he is the biggest threat to GeneD's best buddy, Coach Spaz. The #FireSpaz bandwagon is rolling on, and getting quite heavy, and if the ruse around Kevin Rogers is true, #FireGeneD might be next.

So where do we go from here? In my (albeit pessimistic) opinion, we will likely have to scrap this season anyways, so why not get rid of Spaz now, and start a coaching search. Who will be available at the end of the year? No one is sure, but I could easily see some decent names on the market such as Mark Richt (not that he would be interested, but he might need a job!). Why not get ahead of the game and make it clear we are looking and start talking to hot seat coaches and scoop up the best one available at the end of the season.

Who would be your ideal coaching hire (realistically)?

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