Thursday, September 22, 2011

WHO WOULD YOU TAKE? tracks how hot each coaches seat is getting on a week by week basis. Spaz started at 81 in the preseason out of 120, pretty safe. He has sky-rocked to make the top 10 and get his face smeared on the top of the page. I am posting a screenshot of that here for a scientific study. Are there ANY of the other top 10 coaches that you would NOT rather have as the head coach of BC?

Since we seem to be one of the biggest, loudest #FireSpaz promoters, over the next weeks we are going to start doing some more in-depth write-ups on current coaches who might be out of jobs at the end of the season and might make great hires for BC.

1 comment:

  1. I'll pass on Wulff. I think he's won two games in three years or something like that.

    I'll pass on the Snake Oil Salesman, Shady Schiano as well. While I'm overly depressed about Spaz and angered, he doesn't make my skin crawl like Shady does.