Friday, October 7, 2011


Boston Globe's College Sports beat writer Mark Blaudschun wrote a piece yesterday about BC Football and our "Rough Patch".   This article included doozies such as:
The Eagles are in a rough patch right now, and it might get worse before it gets better, but Spaziani and DeFilippo think the program is headed in the right direction.
Wait does he mean that buying the cleaning staff lunch is the direction we are heading?  I am glad the direction the program is heading is defined earlier in the article as:
The Eagles, on course for their first losing record since 1998.
The real kicker in the piece, though, is the consistent blame game that GeneD and his chosen Spaz place on Jags.  This is standard operating procedure for these two with statements like: 

But success is also predicated on talent. BC’s current state of inexperience dates to Jagodzinski’s first recruiting class in 2007, players who would be fifth-year seniors. Of that group of 18, only six remain, with three graduating and nine others leaving the program.
Of course they fail to mention that a good portion of these players were either run off by Spaz/GDF or left for greener pastures (read: EAST CAROLINA) due to the exceptional leadership of Spaz.

Spaziani says the progress is slow and sporadic, clearly a case of on-the-job training.
While the blame game and finger pointing is infuriating enough, GeneD's strong stance behind the horrendous Spaz.  Blauds writes that:

Athletic director Gene DeFilippo made it again clear this week that coach Frank Spaziani’s job is safe for this season.
“We’ve had so many injuries and are so young,’’ said DeFilippo. “I’m around Spaz every day. He’s a great coach."
 All I can say here is, Great coaches win games, build programs, and don't make constant excuses.  So do great athletic directors.  Much of the blogosphere has turned on Spaziani as have most of the fans, but time has come to turn our attention to the source of the problems in our program, and #FireGeneD must be the rallying call.  I respected his leadership in the ACC moves, and I stood behind him even when he fired Jags. That being said, his hiring of Spaz without a "national search", after passing him up the first time, and his defense of Spaz and what many believe is constant micromanagement throughout our athletic programs has brought our football team to its lowest of lows, and it is unacceptable.  GeneD must go.

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