Friday, October 14, 2011


After reading our friends over at Around the Res's post entitled "Can Robert Kraft save BC Football", I had a thought.  As part of their article they posted lists of the Board of Trustees and Trustee Associates, which I had honestly never seen before (didn't even know there was such a thing as Trustee Associates).

Now I know that our voice as part of the blog-o-sphere is mute to these highfalutin board members, there is a chance that if all the BC Bloggers/BC Tweeps got together to spread the word, maybe some of the readership would have some connections to some of the decision makers and we could bend an ear or two.  I plan on working with DL and some of the other BC bloggers to put together a letter that we might be proud to pass up the chain to some of these leaders and decision makers regarding the #FireSpaz and #FireGeneD movements.

So there it is, lets get together and see if we can reach to the top and express how the BC community feels during these trying times.  If you have input on the letter, tweet us (@BC_Height_Lows) or comment below.

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