Sunday, October 23, 2011


One thing that has been ever reliable this season has been Spaz's willingness to keep a consistent approach to handling post game: blaming someone else for the loss. With the sixth loss in the books, let's go down the list of everyone the Great Middle-Shmiddle will likely blame instead of his play calling or lack of half time adjustments:

  • "Chase Rettig's looked good most of the day, but the kid needed to keep his head together out there to avoid throwing picks or to guys on swing passes who may drop it."
  • "I know I called a slow paced offense in the fourth, but the kid should know to find the sideline after gaining two yards on a first down off-tackle run."
  • "No huddle?! Are you kidding me? These kids can't handle my complicated plays in the first place, how could they be expected to run them with less time to think about whether or not it's a dive or a draw up the middle!"
  • "Kuechly couldn't tackle everyone, which was kind of our game plan. Kid needs to show up hungrier."
I channel our friend Soaring to Glory: "Better to laugh about our situation than cry I guess." Next week is a new game against a deflated (although perhaps not to our extent) Maryland. The team deserves a ton of credit yesterday for showing up to play, being inspired in spite of the situation. Let's hope that pays off in College Park - I'm not ready for the official moment where the bowl streak ends, even if it's inevitable.

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