Tuesday, October 11, 2011


While I have been pushing for his ouster for some time now, I can't help but feel with Gene on this one, he was quoted as saying:
"We didn’t want [UConn] in,’’ he said. "It was a matter of turf. We wanted to be the New England team.’’
While UConn has been pushing to join the ACC during the decline of the Big Least, the ACC seems to have turned most of their overtures away. Gene thinks it's because of his lobbying, it's more likely because the ACC wants to wait for Notre Dame to decide before going to 16.
Gene got a lot of flack for his comments, and today has modified his statement by saying:
"[I] spoke inappropriately and erroneously regarding ESPN's role in conference expansion"
His mea culpa was focused on his comments about ESPN and their effect on the decision, not the UConn comments.

Generally, BC has every right to feel this way about UConn given their lawsuits following the first ACC expansion and their treatment of BC during our exit from Big Least.

This all begin said, I am not modifying my position that both Gene and Spaz should be fired immediately.

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