Monday, October 17, 2011


It's never a good time of the season when I have to Google image search for limbo in the opportunity to discuss our football team.

As you may have heard, BC opened as a 20.5 point dog this weekend in Blacksburg, the second straight game of a multiple touchdown point spread against the Eagles. We're not all degenerate gamblers, but the point spread is useful to understand just exactly how bad we have gotten (not to mention Vegas hit the last game on the nose with the 22-point win by Clemson).

The Hokies don't scare me (I've already come to grips with the massively-likely loss, mainly because we chalked up losing to the Hokies even in our best case scenarios). It's the idea that the five weeks to follow will not be any better. Let's say each of the games were slated for the upcoming weekend - that is to say, we will not have the benefit of anymore football before guessing these lines:

  • BC (+7.5) @ Maryland 
  • Florida State @ BC (+13.5)
  • NC State @ BC (+3.5)
  • BC (+22.5) @ ND
  • BC (+7.5) @ Miami
By my math, at least two more games will have BC as multiple touchdown underdogs - and I'm being generous. Well, let's set that bar low, kids - can't have a luau without a limbo.

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