Thursday, October 13, 2011


Exhibit A: today's Living Social deal for the Baltimore area included a deal for upper end zone seats for the Maryland-BC game coming up in two weeks time.
Exhibit B: Maryland supporters ran out a successful coach the season after he nearly got the team into the ACC championship game.
Exhibit C: Maryland is 2-3, just one more win than BC (and it was over half of a Miami team that the Eagles also face this season)

Argument: This will be the third time this season BC fans will be able to get a discount on tickets through an online, daily deal site like Groupon and LivingSocial. Last month, when the home games hit Labor Day weekend and had in-state FCS UMass as visitors, BC Marketing took that approach to try and fill seats. Some people kind of hated it, used it as an opportunity to point out the pro market is killing BC's fan base and that it never should have left the Big East where it fit better as a regional athletic institution. BC can't fill seats because of who it is as a local, private school with a small population.

Cross-Examination: College Park, like Chestnut Hill, sits just outside a major metropolitan area, and has a second mid-to-large sized pro-market just 40 minutes away. It is a large state school that had success here and there over the last twenty years, as well as some pros hit the big time. 

Verdict: BC joining the ACC six years ago will somehow get blamed for this.

*Aside, best line from a friend in response to the copy in the ad (emphasis his):
I like how even the description mocks us: "Get a firsthand look at one of the NCAA's premiere football teams with today's... "

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