Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We do love EDSBS around here, and Spencer Hall for years has been one of our most followed college football bloggers and arguably - even as an SEC guy - gives a better perspective on the broad landscape than just about anybody in the business. With that said, when he calls out your team, you pay attention. From SB Nation's Alphabetical on Week 5:
Q is for Quaeritur. Latin for "the question is asked," as in "who was the last ACC team to lose to both Wake Forest and Duke in one season?" Boston College, the double-barreled shotgun of eastern seaboard football failure just went off in your mouth, because you are the answer thanks to a 27-19 loss to Wake this past Saturday. We remind everyone that Boston College fired a perfectly good coach because he went on a job interview, and deserves all of this.
Sigh. He's right. There is nuance here to follow, though, that may shed some light on our current situation and why action could very well happen:

  1. It was neither the entire university nor even just a portion of the athletic department that showed Jeff Jagodzinski the door. It was AD, Coach Flip, Gene DeFilippo, but...
  2. ...the university and its administration have no problem letting GDF call the shots with his personnel. So, they can step aside and let the AD be the AD. That's fine, that's the "Harvard on Wednesdays" spiel that gets thrown around from the administration.
  3. If the program is about the top of the athletic department, the biggest standard bearer, visible player and shot-caller wouldn't let himself be embarrassed by a two-year coach sprinting for the NFL; would he really let his reputation be crushed over continuing a coach after a 1-11 (or 2-10 or even 3-9 campaign if we get really really lucky)?

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