Sunday, November 13, 2011


The home season has ended. 

Those nine tackles Luke Kuechly had in a row in the fourth quarter of yesterday's game may very well be his last in Alumni Stadium.

This senior class - many of whom were underclassmen during BC's consecutive ACC title game appearances - rung up one more home victory. In the last four seasons, BC won many, many games at home. For this class to go out with one more felt good, especially in a year where there were three heartbreakers to go with a thoroughly morale destroying defeat on national television.

It is worth taking a moment to turn our attention from the field to the stands. The group of us over in section A have bonded over the last few seasons, and been through now two straight years where we have lost as many or more as we've won at home.

We may get jaded. We may get disappointed. But I don't think we'd trade moments like our Russell Wilson cat calls or working hard until the rest of the section reluctantly starts cheering along.

There is still some pride left among the section.

It'll be there next year.

Let's hope it remains.

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