Thursday, November 3, 2011


There's a fairly healthy list of contributors to the media world who carry a connection to Chestnut Hill - and not all of them are involved in sports. The legend of Chris O'Donnell, breakout star Amy Poehler and even on MSNBC you can find guys like Luke Russert. Perhaps on the back of this, it seems that BC has had a pretty decent run over the past years as fodder for pop culture. A few seasons back, it was a the backdrop of college tours on Friday Night Lights, even further back, the school was where Freddie Prinze, Jr. ditched before hitting the Cape Cod summer league.

Within the span of the last 48 hours, or so, BC has made glorious appearances in two shows. The first mention, from Daily Show contributor John Hodgman on Tuesday, was a bit of a farcical gesture but slight backhanded praise. The much, much more amazing one: last night on ABC's sophomore sitcom, Happy Endings, guest star Brent Musburger channeled his iconic 1984 play-by-play of a certain moment of Boston College sports folklore - offering The Hail Mary (and of course, Miami's soft defense) as a metaphor for relationships.

Caught by Boston College, I don't believe it.

Let's hope we're adding one more to the history of Happy Endings tonight against Florida State.

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