Thursday, November 3, 2011


As you may know, the BC hoops team is young. So young in fact that our lead returning scorer, Danny Rubin, averaged 4.1 points last year.

This morning, it looks like we have a little bit of good news in the form of John Cahill. Cahill was a walk-on last year and has now cashed in remaining eligibility to suit back up in lieu of spending the year as a graduate assistant. He was one of those guys who probably would have only worked in Donahue's system of "Let there be 3s" - and it worked to the tune six starts by the end of the season. In the last eight games, he became a really consistent contributor for Donahue - jumping up to nearly 30 mpg and posting at least one double digit game while remaining a threat from beyond the arc.

Will a little more experience increase the prospects for the low expectations of the team? Not likely, but one more guy knowing Donahue's style and how the young kids can contribute may have a lasting effect.

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