Friday, November 4, 2011


With 3 minutes to go in the first, we were down by 7. After Retting had to fall on his fumble, we were facing 2nd and 21 from our own 19. The coaches ran the ball twice with Rolandan Finch, gained nothing and punted. There could be nothing more irritating and frustrating that watch these coaches quit on these players with shit like that.

The bowl streak is toast, and there are few bright spots left to even make looking forward to next season (as long as Spaz is still on board) an option. NC State may be a brutal game but at least one that BC could accidentally win. Notre Dame is going to destroy us 1992 style by 45. I'm glad I'll be flying during the Miami game to not have to watch the shells of two football teams slap fight each other to the merciful last minute of the season.

One more tailgate, only way to look at it.

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