Thursday, November 10, 2011


We've been really critical of Spaz for this season and before. We shelve every ounce of that dissatisfaction right now: Frank Spaziani did well on himself, his priorities and BC when asked about Penn State, where he played under a young Joe Paterno in the 60s. His comments, as recorded by the Herald:
“It is a very shocking development, this whole story...His retiring is obviously part of the story, but it is not the story. It is the victims and the families that are the story. I know my relationship with him and I know how I interacted with him and this obviously is something I have no knowledge over. But this is a terrible cloud lingering over whatever is going to happen. It hurts their reputation and position. There are residual effects. It is such a shocking development and how can anybody put anything into words. There is a lot there and certainly with football and reputations but forget that. That is inconsequential to me. It is about what happened and there is an awareness that comes to light with this hideous behavior.
“I have a different perspective of it obviously, but once again it about the families and the victims. My having gone to Penn State and it happened at Penn State, but I’m a human being first and foremost. "
(via ATL)

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