Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well, it's over friends - but, like sheep to a slaughter, we just can't get enough college football. If you want to take some time today to watch good football teams play, let's direct you around the whip.

UNC at NC State (12:30, ACC Net) - Really, think about this one: would you go back in time to the land before Tom O'Brien never left? Ask an NC State fan and I think the answer is pretty clearly, "No." We host TOBy next week, but he and the Wolfpack have to survive the North Carolina public school battle.

Northwestern at #10 Nebraska (3:30, Big Ten Net) - I still don't know what to make of Nebraska as a Big Ten team, but here they are - and with the losses piling up around the Legends and the control of destiny for a title shot in the 'Huskers' hands - still damn fun to watch. This could be a steamrolling of a Northwestern team that we choked against, or Persa could be who some in Evanston thought he was and really mess up the Big Ten title pursuit.

#2 LSU at #1 Alabama (CBS, 8pm) - The game of this century, no question. I actually like the Tigers to pull off some craziness here in Tuscaloosa, and I don't think you can call yourself a college football fan if you aren't getting just a little bit physically aroused.

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