Thursday, November 17, 2011


Welcome back to football, BC fans who tuned out already but somehow can't still look away during Hate Week/the Holy War. Here are a few other games that will help you catch back up on the season while trying to get what else may have happened in 2011:

#16 Nebraska vs #18 Michigan (Noon, ESPN) - If you're just tuning in, Nebraska is not only in the B1G Ten, but they have a legitimate shot at making an appearance in the first ever B1G Championship game. Winning against Michigan will give them the game in hand against both the Wolverines and the Spartans of Michigan State. The likely opponent? The winner of the Wisconsin-Penn State game in the weekend following Thanksgiving.

#7 Clemson at NC State (3:30, One of the ESPNs) - Clemson is already locked into the ACC Championship game, but if you have a sense of irony, you'll know that this is one of those ridiculous games that Tom O'Brien has no reason to win but finds a way. Put it this way: TOB just got embarrassed by the worst BC team of the last decade and he's so close to the fire of the hot seat that he'll be inspired. One other factor? Clemson has only Clemsoned once this year, but this one wouldn't hurt them in their quest for the conference crown and the Orange Bowl.

#5 Oklahoma at #22 Baylor (8:00, ABC) - Two reasons to watch: because of the upcoming match with #2 Oklahoma State, the Sooners have a chance to be the highest-rated one-loss team not from the SEC. Consider that the human pollers will fall with short-term memory and avoiding the rematch, and this really matters for the BCS Championship. The other reason? Robert Griffin III is in the Heisman race after Andrew Luck dropped last week against Oregon.

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