Friday, November 11, 2011


Just one last home game before the bubble goes up over Alumni Stadium. Tailgate hard, cheer hard for the Seniors and get ready to slump quietly into the (bowl-less) existential reality of the 2011 BC football season. When all is said and done, here are three other games to scan or scoreboard watch:

West Virginia at #23 Cincinnati (Noon, ABC) - Honest to God, I think the winner of this game gets a BCS bid. I haven't done the math on how the Big East could be won, and I have no intention of doing so.

#20 Auburn at #15 Georgia (3:30, CBS) - The best chance for mayhem is for Georgia to make it through the season untouched in the last few weeks before shocking LSU in the SEC title game. Get by last year's champ and they'll be one step closer to that opportunity. Funny to think that at one point this season we were clamoring to pick up Mark Richt after the 0-2 start would lead to a likely ejection from Athens. Alas - not so fast.

#7 Oregon at #4 Stanford (8:00, ESPN) - Get past Oregon, and Stanford's chances of an undefeated season increase exponentially (I'm going to stop you before starting, Irish fans). Proposal: mixed-doubles for the title games. Have Pac-12 South play the SEC East and then Stanford and LSU just meet up a week earlier. Winner gets a title shot. Wait a second, I think I just convinced myself of a playoff, I need to go hurl myself off of something.

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