Tuesday, December 6, 2011


In our side lives away from BC sports, we have a bit of a fantasy baseball obsession. This may or may not cause certain participants to set up Google Alerts for the name of every single closer in the league and "Seeing Doctor James Andrews". It's a phrase we use to describe the famed doctor who does the Tommy John surgery, shelving pitchers for a good 10-12 months and usually ending their season.

According to reports from ATL: Luke Kuechly is Seeing Doctor James Andrews:
Also all the message boards are buzzing that Luke Kuechly needs Tommy John surgery on his elbow. He sustained the injury in the NC State game. The severity of the injury is not keeping him from making the rounds on the awards circuit. Surgery is always serious, but this is not a huge deal for a football player (as opposed to a pitcher). I don't think it will impact Luke's decision either way.
I actually disagree with Bill's assessment about this not affecting Luke's decision (as does at least one other commenter). If Keeks is shelved through the spring workouts - as good as his resume may be - there will be teams less willing to take a chance on potential changes to guaranteed money until they can see how he has healed. Don't forget: there's a new pay scale for rookies after the NFL ended its summer-long lockout - and the magic draft positions are number 11 and number 26. If you are in the top 10 or top 25, the back end of the five-year rookie contract is impacted. If you haven't seen a guy full strength, would you really lock into a guy slotted into a fifth year option that may make him cost significantly more in guaranteed money?

And if you have a chance, when healthy, to be in that top ten guaranteed cash in a year - and perhaps fix the record books, fix the injustices of the coaches All-American list, pick up some more hardware - but most importantly, be in that top ten guaranteed cash, you wait.

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