Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Those things you see behind this Duke basketball player are yellow shirts, likely being worn by current students at Boston College. They have been rare this year when the home team has played basketball against, well, every other team that has come to town.

Those shirts and the people in them need your help, friends. They have been exposed to Boston College basketball, some of which wasn't the complete disaster that it could have been against a very good Duke team that looks pretty battle-tested as March comes around the corner. We can help them by exposing them to more.

For just a yearly student activities fee that they already pay, those students can continue to manage this chronic condition of "home games". Symptoms include chanting, wearing yellow Suprefan shirts, taunting the student athletes at other schools, having fun and supporting the school even when other non-top-five teams come to town.

The best cure is more basketball. Try it again, seriously, you won't be disappointed and, hell, you paid for it already.

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