Thursday, February 9, 2012


We already knew that version one of Reckless Scheduling was horribly wrong after the Army game switched out on us. Well, Reckless Schedule 2.0 got torched by the Maine game being moved into early September and Maryland adding a D-1A game. With the news that Miami is now going to be the Labor Day kick-off game at home, we're even more wrong.

So, back to the drawing board as we wait the whole thing. Watch, as soon as I post this, Syracuse will get out of the Big East and that'll be the Thanksgiving game in Boston.

Here's the result of schedule guess 2.0, with the wrongs crossed out and the rights added in.

9/1 - vs. Maryland vs. Miami
9/8 - vs. Clemson vs. Maine (FCS)
9/15 - @ Northwestern
9/22 - @Georgia Tech
9/29 - vs. Maine (FCS)
10/6 - @ Army
10/13 - vs. Virginia Tech
10/20 - BYE
10/27 - @ Wake Forest
11/3 - @ Florida State
11/10 - vs. Notre Dame
11/17 - @ NC State
11/24 - vs. Miami

Well, that looks like crap. Here's what we now need to reconsider:
  • Games without a home: vs. Maryland, vs. Clemson
  • Open dates: 9/29, 10/20, 11/24
Problem: we can drop Maryland into Parent's Weekend (9/29), but Clemson is booked over Thanksgiving against the Gamecocks. We need to do some shuffling - and we've played late in Winston Salem before. Sure, this gives BC home fans two Thanksgivings off with home games, but knowing that sometime in the near future home-and-home with Syracuse is inevitable, I'm ok with it.

Reckless Schedule 3.0 (locks in bold), new changes in italics.

9/1 - vs. Miami
9/8 - vs. Maine (FCS)
9/15 - @ Northwestern
9/22 - @Georgia Tech
9/29 - vs. Maryland
10/6 - @ Army
10/13 - vs. Virginia Tech
10/20 - BYE
10/27 - vs. Clemson
11/3 - @ Florida State
11/10 - vs. Notre Dame
11/17 - @ NC State
11/24 - @ Wake Forest

UPDATE: Our friends at BCI point out that Wake is locked into playing Vanderbilt over Thanksgiving, so we're already wrong and they have an interesting theory about ending the season a week early (track through these three tweets). So, we're wrong again already. We're really good at getting this thing wrong.

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