Friday, February 3, 2012


Hoping for an ACC schedule sometime soon? Just chill, bro. It's going to be a bit, and part of that is because of the Big East holding West Virginia's divorce papers in limbo. Oh, sure, the Big 12 wants to release WVU's schedule for its inaugural season as early as next year. The Big East will fight the 'neers tooth and nail, though, about their plans to not fulfill the required 27-month limbo required.

As long as that is happening, clarity on the 2012 schedule landscape is far off. It affects more than the Big XII. With Florida State set for a non-conference match with West Virginia, the ACC is kind of one puzzle piece behind.

As we joked about the ACC press release announcing new divisions, the time table for Pitt and 'Cuse is so unknown that even the conference can't make any moves about it. The Big East is so determined to not let anyone else jump early and break their deadlines - even as it pressures its new recruits to join faster - that it is throwing the planning for the upcoming season into these delightful stalls and holds.

While we sit idly for the 2012 schedule, let's assume the Big East wins and gets to keep its lame duck schools through the waiting period (which would include the 2013*** football season). You want a scheduling nightmare? How about figuring out a conference slate for the following 13 team alignment:
  • Cincinnati
  • Connecticut
  • Louisville
  • Rutgers
  • South Florida
  • Syracuse* (ACC in 2014)
  • Pitt* (ACC in 2014)
  • West Virginia** (Big XII in 2014)
  • Boise State (from MWC in 2013)
  • San Diego State (from MWC in 2013)
  • Central Florida (from C-USA in 2013)
  • Houston (from C-USA in 2013)
  • SMU (from C-USA in 2013)
*Trying to leave for 2013
**Wants to leave yesterday
***Navy joins in 2015, Air Force likely to follow suit
So, that's that. West Virginia very well may be given two schedules for the 2012 season. I think it should get to pick which one looks better on a weekly basis, determined six days in advance. "Kansas in week three followed by UConn in week four? Yes please!"

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