Monday, February 6, 2012


It's funny and quite heartwarming to think how well the Men's team has done in recent years in the Beanpot. Three of the last four 'pots have found their way back to Chestnut Hill, a rather pleasant change from the decade it took for BC to win Beanpots 4-6 since 1993. The Eagles face Northeastern in the first round of the 60th Beanpot tonight as the late game, which will get going about 30-45 minutes from when BU and Harvard finish their 5 p.m. tilt.

Now that practicalities are out of the way, let's have some fun. While the original Beanpot is of course the 59-year-old tournament of local men's hockey teams, there has been a surge in recent years of other Beanpot sanctioned tournaments. Women's hockey, baseball, women's rowing (which includes MIT), a club lacrosse one for men and apparently something from Qdoba called the Rice & Bean Pot that lasted about six years.

That said, here are other Beanpot competitions we'd watch:

  • Football - BU would be offered the opportunity to send its intramural flag football champion; BC would have been the underdog to Harvard had this one happened last year and it would have sucked.
  • Sixth Grade Style Field Day - I'm talking dunk tanks, potato sack races, tug o' war, the works. Events to be held on consecutive Mondays in April until a champion is crowned.
  • Animal House Food Fight - Different school hosts in their cafeteria every year; after the first four, we start trashing other schools' dining halls. Those nerds at Tufts won't know what hit them.
  • Jeopardy - We're sending this guy. I don't care if Harvard's involved, if we make a category about the melodic inspiration of ringtones, the rest of the schools don't stand a chance.
  • Blogging - There are easily three dozen BC bloggers at this point, and if the contest was be the first to get your school to trend, we'd have an easy advantage.
  • Battle of Fictional Athletes in a Charity Softball Game - BU has obviously a good leg-up thanks to the Miracle on Ice guys, but given that I can't think of a single Northeastern pop culture reference and Will Hunting only seemed to get in fights and bet on little league baseball, Freddie Prinze, Jr. from Summer Catch at least gives us a shot if he can pitch still.

What other ones should we try and get out there?

The headline is for pure SEO whoring a la this and to see if we can prove a point.

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