Monday, March 19, 2012


Part of me wishes this post was about recruiting. Not because I like writing about recruiting, but because I know it'd be a lot of fun to write a comment on some soundbite from GDF or Spaz that we were establishing boundaries and making some local area BC's recruiting ground alone.

Nope, when GDF mentioned to donors at the first scrimmage that he was building a wall, he was being literal. According to ATL, it looks like we're getting brick walls to replace the metal/banner covered panels that are on the sidelines of Alumni Stadium. I actually have faith it'll be a cool addition - I immediately think of several Southern schools who have the feature, and I'm a big fan of classy brick over the amateurish panels we have.

You know what else disappears if we move to brick? A sideline full of banners with a certain slanting font. I'm standing by my conspiracy theory, but then again, I can make anything fit that if I tried.

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