Thursday, April 5, 2012


I feel like this conversation gets it pretty squarely, with just the right touch of sarcasm and cynicism:

Friend: the frozen four is in tampa?
  what brain surgeon made that call
 Me: It's even funnier when you realize the host school is in Alabama.
Because the closest hockey playing school is Huntsville, which flirted with discontinuing its program next year.
 Friend: on what planet....
  youre not going to expand hockey by dropping in 3 college games during the opening week of baseball
  just stop trying
  Me: I really don't think someone at USF is going to go, "You know what, look at this great sport, we need to invest millions of dollars in creating a program" because the Frozen Four is there.
  The last big mistake they made doing this was putting it in Anaheim back in 2000.
 Friend: also
  you pick a city
  synonmous with 'fans who dont give a shit about their teams'
  its just not a sports city
  the rays and bucs cant get anyone to show up
  Me: I really think the NCAA should take the baseball/Omaha approach.
  Let's pick a city in either the upper midwest or in the northeast.
  Put it there permanently. Or alternate.
  Boston. Minneapolis. Boston. Minneapolis.
  Friend: ha
i feel like toss in like detroit once in awhile
Me: The fact that they haven't done Boston since 2004 is pretty annoying.
Have to reboot the computer, be right back.
 Justin: fear that jerry york gets a home game

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