Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Photo via the Heights
Yeah, so, you may have heard we didn't have a great turnout for that late March "Spring" football game at Alumni Stadium. In absolutely no one's defense, it was the only quasi-winter day we had after January here in the Boston area, and you can't hate some of us for wanting to stay warm in Roggies.

The solution to fix Spring football's turnout? Don't have a terrible season, get a bowl game so practice doesn't have to start early to avoid a long delay and actually tell people in the media it's happening.

Then there's this:
Some college football coaches want an NCAA rule change that would allow them to scrimmage against other schools during spring drills.
Upon hearing this, BC immediately scheduled the tackling dummies and Flynn Fund supporters, since it would guarantee an increase of attendance by at least 85.


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