Monday, May 14, 2012


Could it be possible that Vegas may improve your odds even though you have a harder schedule, play in Ireland and Southern California, lost your best offensive threat and currently have a QB who's spending the offseason running away from cops? Sure, if you're Notre Dame. Ty Hildenbrandt explains why ND opening at 25-1 to win the crystal ball in 2012 makes both less and more sense than the 30-1 they were set for in 2011:
Ironically, we’ve reached a point where both Notre Dame and Vegas are trying to protect themselves from the wackos who not only take this bet, but believe strongly in its chances of winning. This is the never-ending problem with Notre Dame football. People love traditional powers and underdog stories. The media loves popular programs that drive ratings. Unrealistic expectations are the predictable offspring.
Good piece, worth the full read.

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