Thursday, May 24, 2012


Holly Anderson comes to the rescue over on SI by introducing us to the amazing concept of "Tollanthropy", in which you make your rival's esteemed positions hilariously self-serving.

Question is, where do we aim our trolling donations? A few ideas, for anonymous donors:

  • To Miami: I don't care what it is, but name it for Gerard Phelan.
  • To Notre Dame: Endow the offensive line coach as the Patrick Dillingham Training Coordinator.
  • To UConn: Sponsor I-84 with an Adopt-A-Highway right before exit 68 in the name of Coach Flip 
  • To BU: Donate a statue of a football player to be erected outside of Agganis Arena.

I also know that we are an absurdly easy target for these (although I would like to see the Hall & Oates Class of 2007 Dual-Sport Scholarship)

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