Thursday, June 14, 2012


With the first orientation in the books, it's official: we know the Superfan Slogan for the Class of 2016

Many Hearts, One Tradition

As this is a pretty important discussion to have, we must now rank this shirt (the 15th slogan, for those counting at home). As far as we are concerned, these rankings are barely up for discussion.

  1. Fly Like an Eagle
  2. Eagles on the Warpath 
  3. Go Eagles <---Catching a theme here that works? 
  4. Soaring to Glory 
  5. Take it to the Heights
  6. Whatever It Takes 
  7. Always Believe in BC 
  8. Many Hearts, One Tradition
  9. Eagles Take Action <----exception to the rule 
  10. Becoming Champions
  11. Talons of Fury...Get Ready 
  12. On the Hunt for Excellence
  13. Ignite the Heights With Spirit and Truth 
  14. For Here All Are One <----would have been number one had it used the original lyrics 
  15. Honoring the Legacy, Pursuing Greatness, the Sesquicentennial Class of 2013
Middle of the pack, mainly because I'm trying to figure out if Flutie is the One Tradition we are all Many Hearting.


  1. Barely up for discussion still means up for discussion. Eagles on the Warpath is nearly as bad as Talons of Fury...Get Ready. I think I would have transferred if I was saddled with either of those. I'd say half of them are good, and the rest should be forgotten.

    1. Go Eagles
    2. For Here All Are One
    3. Take It to the Heights
    4. Whatever It Takes
    5. Soaring to Glory
    6. Always Believe in BC
    7. Many Hearts, One Tradition.
    8. Fly Like an Eagle (drops two spots for being the name of a Steve Miller Band Song)

  2. Talons of fury should be last since the idiot orientation leaders chose it over the obvious bc arrives in Acc slogan "the eagle has landed"

  3. No analysis of this is complete without looking at the fonts these are written in too. The coolest slogan can be ruined by a lame cursive font. You should get pics of all the backs and then rank them.

  4. Love the idea. I think we'll actually create a uniform database type page here to track all of them. Sounds like a solid weekend project.

    Be warned, some of us prefer the cursive slogans. And the font on the new one, btw, is horrible. Serifed, all caps, not bold.