Sunday, June 24, 2012


H&L is chock full of your daily dose of cognitive dissonance this week.

We'll let the other guys be the news breakers when it comes to recruiting news (trust me, it'd get ugly if I put my already hyperbolic response onto where 17-year-olds decide to spend their next four or five years), but we do follow it closely. Thing is, it was pretty hard for loyal Eagles to miss the fact that it was truly a pretty solid week of recruiting and commitments.

In the last weeks , Spaz and co. picked up recruits on the defensiveoffensive and special teams sides of the ball, bringing the season total to nine . Some of them look to have bright futures, including my current favorite among them, QB Tim Boyle. If that wasn't enough, ATL reports that there are two others waiting out in the wings, too, from whom positive announcements would certainly be successes. 

This is good news and related to BC football, which means we don't know how to react.

*What makes it fun is that much of the news broken by former lineman and current assistant D-Line coach Al Washington's Facebook page. Let the record show, many of us will love AlWash for standing up for Kiwi after the cheap shot in the BC-UVA game in Alumni in '05:

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