Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Earlier this week we looked at what may be the ceiling for this team. What about the glass completely empty outlook? This one's easy.

If Spaz just decides to head out on Saturday with both middle fingers planted firmly in the air, knowing he's got a well-battered team that he can't motivate anyway on the season that he'll be lucky to make it through, then we shouldn't be surprised if the team doesn't respond. Even if Spaz is letting Martin call more of the shots, no RBs, no TEs and a weird WR set that throws Rettig off (no pun) will prevent the offense from getting going and the defense can't capitalize on Miami's mistakes like they did last year.

Even in the worst world, the Maine game is still a lean-win, but you don't have to feel good about it. It certainly doesn't give any momentum as you head on the road to Northwestern making a loss possible. The bye week just lets us stew at 1-2 while we prep for Clemson - which, even if Clemson can Clemson, Spaz Ball may trump all of that as both teams race to the bottom and we get there faster. Army, like Maine, is a lean-win, but if we head to Tallahassee and then Atlanta at 2-3, how much hope will there be for the team?

Coming back to Chestnut Hill, Maryland - the only ACC team with more depth chart and coaching intervention issues, perhaps, than BC - could still pose a challenge. If BC survives, November doesn't look good - we've never played well in Winston-Salem, Notre Dame and VT are very likely candidates to just roll over us, even at home and depending on whether or not TOB is a lame duck or not will impact which team he rolls out. There's one, two wins tops in those five games if something goes right.

3-9, no bowl, national TV embarrassment against ND (because it will be nationally televised) and the ultimate pessimistic prediction: a new AD decides they don't want to shake up everything and keeps Spaz at the helm.

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